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Global average UX salaries by country

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Global average UX salaries by years of experience

Here's how the average salary changes as more experience is gained.

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Average UX salaries by US state

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Notes on methodology. To try and keep the data as scientific as possible, we’d like to add a few comments about data bias and limitations:

How old is this data?

Some of our crowd-sourced data are 1-2 years old. Even though there are differences in 2016 and 2017 years averages, those differences are subtle and more data points allows us to show a better resolution.

Live conversion rates

Our calculations uses live currency conversion rates to turn local currency submissions into their current USD equivalents for easier comparison.

How do you calculate?

We'll try to make this as accurate as possible, therefore we might remove lows and highs from the data. After confirming your submission, we auto-calculate the averages. We also have a manual approval step for some special cases (so we can prevent data pollution).

How do we work with currencies?

Besides storing salary submissions' original currency value, we exchange and show salary data in USD for easier comparison. We update the currencies two times a day from Open Exchange Rates. Once the salary data is submitted and confirmed, the equivalent USD value are also stored in the database, and that USD value going to be used for further calculations.


UX Designer Salaries is built by PingPong. We have a general interest in transparency and salaries in the UX industry. Zsolt, our co-founder even wrote two pretty popular articles: "How much do UX designers earn around the world?" and "How do UX Designer salaries vary around the world?"

We believe in transparent business and that transparency has a positive effect on every side of the business. Knowing how much your peers earn in the industry can be massively useful.

Note on salaries: Besides only looking at the salary figures, always consider other aspects of your job and your role: your employer's situation, the financial situation both employee and employer, stage of the company, # of employees, industry, etc. We believe knowing these figures are important but merely looking at the salary doesn't give you the full picture. Be mindful about this.